Thinking of getting a Miami Cuban link? BUYERS BEWARE, not all Cuban links are created equal! If you are looking for a good quality, handmade, and authentic Cuban link, read this post. Below we give you some tips on what to look for when you are in the market for a Cuban solid gold chain and/or bracelet.

1. Cuban links are either handmade (shown here and most common) or machine made. You will know the difference because of the link separation, the look of the link, and of course the price.

2. You find them in solid gold (shown here), hallow gold (very light and it bends very easily), stainless steel with a 24 karat gold plating, silver, and finally silver with a 24 karat gold plating.

3. They are made in 10, 14, and 18 karat gold which are stamped on each piece as a reference to the buyer.

4. The most common finish you will find is yellow gold but Cuban links can also be made in rose gold and white gold. Some customers get creative and combine all three finishes to get what is called a tri-color Cuban chain.

5. A well made Cuban link will be as smooth as possible when view from the top. Too many bumps means that it was poorly made. It is best if it hangs straight but sometimes when you have a small length chain, like a 20" for example, you have to give it a small twist so that it hangs right when you put it on. This also happens when the chain is very heavy or a big mm, you need that small twist to make it hang right.

Next time you are in the market for a Cuban link chain, make sure to research, inquire, and ask as many questions as possible. It will save you money and heartbreak!

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